Services Fees Discount
Rate *
Initial Exam $120.00 72.00 Includes exam, education, self-care, and home exercises.
Re-evaluation $65.00 $39.00 Includes progress, home, and self-care.
Pressure-Point Release $44.00 $25.00 Reduces spasm, pain, and tissue dysfunction. Enhances Normalization.
Soft Tissue Mobilization
Myofascial Release
$44.00 $25.00 Reduces scar tissue and enhances circulation.
Joint Mobilization /
Muscle Energy Techniques
$44.00 $25.00 Increases motion and balanced movement and joint position.
Spinal Manipulation $44.00 $25.00 Improves joint motion, muscle relaxation, muscle activation and balanced movement.
Exercise Session $40.00 $24.00 Skilled guidance/training in strength and flexibility
Functional Exercise Session $42.00 $25.00 Functional training and strengthening.
Biomechanical Correction $47.00 $28.00 Re-establishes healthy movement to reduce pain.
Neuromuscular Re-education $47.00 $28.00 Re-trains muscles to normal function.
Gait Training $42.00 $25.00 Re-trains muscles and coordination to normalize gait biomechanics.
Tool Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization $44.00 $25.00 Reduces tissue dysfunction, promotes local response for tissue healing and organization.
Intramuscular Manual Therapy (Dry Needling) $44.00 $25.00 Reduces inflammation and pain, produces local and systemic response needed for tissue healing.

*40-50% discount awarded to those paying at the time of service via cash, check, or credit card.  Request a comprehensive invoice/super bill from your treating provider and submit the bill to your insurance provider and they may reimburse you for your out-of-pocket costs. This reimbursement may be provided after you have met your deductible minus the cost of your co-pay for each session.