Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Specialists offers skillful and effective treatment and interventions for a wide variety of dysfunctions and limitations that may interfere with your day to day ability to function normally. We treat disorders ranging from vestibular dysfunction and dizziness/imbalance to temporomandibular joint disorders, any joint disorder or dysfunction ranging from shoulder to ankle, including post-operative treatment and care, as well as specializing in the treatment of headaches and spine pain and dysfunction.

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Specialists is the Valley’s premier Headache and Spine Center as we have embarked on specializing in the treatment of headache and spine pain through continuing education courses geared to provide advanced training and certification with post-graduate teachings in Spinal Manipulative Therapy, as well as Intramuscular Manual Therapy, also known as dry needling. These certifications allow for a strong background, that is based on a growing body of research, that supports these intervention as effective and efficient tools to manage spinal pain and headaches. Providing skillful and effective interventions, that is evidence based and rooted in advanced training, allows for highly specialized care and treatment that targets your pain and dysfunction.

Current research indicates that the main “pain generator” for cervicogenic headaches, that most often presents as one-sided and wrap around the head and rest anywhere form above the ear, in the jaw or above the eye, come from the first and second cervical vertebrae and is associated with upper cervical dysfunction that can present as pain, limited motion or both, during skilled assessment. Other contributing areas of the spine and associated structures for headaches, can come from the upper thoracic spine restriction, muscle and connective tissue dysfunction, including trigger points. Research and patient reported outcomes indicate that both spinal manipulative therapy and dry needling are effective at treating headaches, spinal pain and trigger points used in isolation, as well as collectively.

These research findings, as well as others, including the growing body research to support these interventions, are just some of the variables that are integrated and taken into consideration when you are assessed and treated at Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Specialists. We take pride in utilizing and integrating current research and advanced methods to effectively treat and target your pain or dysfunction. Contact us today to set up an appointment, or for any questions. We look forward to talking to you and discussing your treatment options.